Dressing For the Cold: Winter Coats

One thing I love about New England is that we get all four seasons here. Winters can be harsh, but it is the perfect time to break out your cute winter coat! Like handbags, I will pay a pretty price for a nice coat. Why? At the end of the day they’re going to beContinue reading “Dressing For the Cold: Winter Coats”

Recreating Pinterest Looks: Part 1

Pinterest is a glorious, glorious endless pit. I have boards for pretty much everything, and I bet you do too. Of course one of them has to do with outfits. Here, I’ve put together three looks I’m loving on my Pinterest board and linked similar items so you can recreate these outfits. If you wantContinue reading “Recreating Pinterest Looks: Part 1”

Après Ski

You don’t have to sacrifice your style when its cold out. I’ve compiled a few staple items for your après ski look, with both $$$ and budget friendly options . L’Academie, Rosette Sweater, $138 This low-neck sweater is perfect if you’re cozied up indoors and don’t need to be bundled up. The lightly puffed sleevesContinue reading “Après Ski”