Luxury Finds For Less

Sometimes luxury goods are worth it, and sometimes they’re not. If you don’t care bout having the newest designer goods (and maybe even items that are pre-loved), check out these sites for some great deals.

RueLaLa | This site has soooooo much product. Some of the items are even pretty current (in season), and they have everything from women’s & men’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories, kids, home, and experiences.

Gilt | Another site with a ton of product, Gilt is very similar to Rue LaLa in its item inventory. However, their experiences section is a notch above that of Rue Lala, and Gilt has experiences based on major Us cities.

Tradesy | Here, you’ll find pre-loved luxury goods for less. You can find clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry, and even wedding dresses. This site is perfect for finding items that are no longer in production, as they have a lot of cool, unique older pieces.

The RealReal | Like Tradesy, this is a site for used luxury goods, but unlike them, they’ve got the addition of home goods. I also get a more vintagey vibe from them, if you are looking for some beautiful vintage designer pieces.

6PM | Ok- so this site I feel like you really have to search to find a luxury (honestly higher-end, not quite luxury) item (that you like). They do carry luxury brands, but that isn’t their focus. That being said, it also means they don’t carry a huge variety of items like these other sites do. However, I got a Philip Lim bag here (the Alix Mini Shoulder Bag Black Multi) here for 55% off…such a beautiful bag and such a steal.

Joma Shop | Looks for less! Joma Shop is all about mid and high end designer items at an *affordable* price. Like Rue LaLa and Gilt, they have a wide variety of items. They also sell preloved goodies as well.

The Outnet | The Outnet has been around since 2009 and has established itself as the place to go for luxury goods at a heavily discounted price.

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