Things For the Home That You Don’t Need… Or Do You?

Oh you know, just browsing the internet for things I don’t need. Now, you get to see some of my finds. Do you need it….no. Do you want it…yes. Check out 10 items you might find interesting for your home!

UO Ivy Nesting Bowl Set $49

Pretty and practical. That’s what we like, folks.

CB2 Swarm Glass Honey Pot $8

This thing is only $8…run, don’t walk.

CB2 Miles Marble Bowl $35

How cute is this little bowl?! You can use it as decoration or put little nuts or candies in it.


I’m not even going to list the link or price for this because it’s just stupid (I’ll give you a range, $150-200). Anyways, this is something you could easily DIY yourself. I love that it is hanging so you have more floorspace for a table, shelf, etc underneath.

UO Coffee Scoop Clip $5

So simple….yet so useful.

Smeg Citrus Juicer $180

I just love Smeg products. They have the vintage look while also looking a bit modern? Anyways, get yourself a citrus juicer! You’ll thank me later.

Everdure Cube Grill $200

A personal little grill? Yes pleaseeee! This thing is easily transportable so you can take picnicking to the next level.

Wayfair 17 Stories Reavis Garment Rack $79

Clothing racks have been super popular lately. It is a nice way to showcase a few of your favorite/luxury pieces, but in a casual manner. I like the racks with shelving along the side so you can place handbags or shoes there as well.

PyroPet Black Unicorn $35

It’s a candle…its a pet.. its a PYRO PET. These funky candles make neat decoration- unburned and burned. Watch your waxy figurine slowly burn away to reveal a metal “skeleton” inside.

Cocktail Set

18 oz Koriko Shaker Tin
28 oz Koriko Shaker Tin
Hawthorn Strainer
Conical Strainer

Make your own cocktails at home with the proper tools! These Koriko tins are cheap yet amazing (you’ll need both), and I’ve linked some other tools you’ll need as well. Pro tip: If you use both the hawthorn and conical strainers, your drink won’t have any ice chips in it!

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