A Year In Review: 2020

2020 is going to go down in history…and not in a good way. Here is a brief recap of my year. I must say, I am super thankful to have found a job after being let go from the pandemic, and that those close to me remained healthy. I hope that in this new year the country starts to come together and we can leave hate and COVID-19 in the past. Cheers to a new year!

  • January

    • I decided I wanted a vintage Volkswagen van, so with a small amount of research, I bought one off of Ebay. 10/10 recommend getting one, 5/10 recommend getting one from Ebay. Haha.

  • February

    • My Volkswagen van arrived! It was shipped from outside of San Diego to Boston.

    • Work was going on as normal but talk about COVID-19 was starting to ramp up.

  • March

    • I was working in restaurant management, and we all got furloughed. Welp. Thankfully my unemployment application process was rather easy and I started receiving benefits sooner rather than later.

    • I went down to Washington DC to stay with my older sister for a month. Spring in DC has incredible weather, so a lot of time was spent outside enjoying the perfect temps and the cherry blossoms. A lot of time was also spent playing the new Animal Crossing that had recently come out for the Nintendo Switch. Some relatives and a friend from boarding school also live down there, so I got to see them a few times as well which was nice.

  • April
    • After spending 4 weeks in DC it was time to come home. The restaurant I was managing was open for takeout but I decided I didn’t feel safe going back to work yet.

  • May

    • After being back home for a few weeks, I went back to Washington DC so I could bring home my new dog! When I was staying with my sister, she fostered her ex-coworkers pekingese puppy. It ended up being that we could keep the dog, so I took her in.

    • I brought Tinkerbell back to Massachusetts and we quarantined at my dad’s house because he has a nice yard for her to run around in. I also spent some time working on refurbishing my Volkswagen van.

    • I made a Tik Tok video about trying to hatch a praying mantis egg and it went… viral! It currently has 4.4 million views and around 750,000 likes. Soooo crazy! I gained a ton of followers from it (65,000) but as I’m writing this I’ve gone down to 60,100 followers.

  • June

    • I spent most of June working on my Volkswagen van. I sanded off rust, primed, and repainted it. I ordered a few new parts, started to design my layout, and did some carpentry.

    • I went camping with my boyfriend and Tinkerbell in New Hampshire. It was her first time camping and she did a great job (even when it poured and thundered) and had her own little spot to sleep in the tent. I also went hiking in the White Mountains to Tuckerman Ravine. It is an epic place to go back-country skiing in the Northeast, and people still do it in June! We went on June 20th and my boyfriend and his friend did a ski run. There were a few other people skiing and one snowboarder.

    • The restaurant I had been working at re-opened for in person dining, and for a variety of reasons, including COVID-19, I decided not to go return.

  • July

    • My birthday month! Not a whole lot going on during this month as I wasn’t hanging out with any friends, but there was more work I did on my Volkswagen van, and I continued to wait for the praying mantis egg to hatch.

    • I got to see a few friends who I had not seen for a while. Both activities were out doors, which was great for social distancing. I also took Tinkerbell for her first swim! She’s got a little lifejacket and when she’s paddling in the water she also waves her tail around like a propeller.

    • I had gone to the beach and gotten sunburnt, and then from then on the rest of the summer I had these eczema-esque rashes on my legs and arms. I didn’t have any health insurance at the time because of unemployment so I just suffered and put lotion on it at the recommendation of my friend in medical school.

    • For my birthday, my boyfriend and I stayed in this super cool Hipcamp listing. It was a Volkswagen van with a pop top, up in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont.

    • One of our dog’s died đŸ˜¦

  • August

    • I brought my Volkswagen to a mechanic that specializes in air cooled engines (aka vintage Volkswagen vehicles). I’m super lucky that there is someone so near to me that has this knowledge! I bought a few books so I could try and learn about the mechanics of my van as well.

    • I did another Hipcamp, this one at a yurt in Stowe, Vermont. It was the perfect little getaway with two friends, and we went to some really cool swimming holes.

    • I started a new job! Two of my coworkers from the restaurant I was furloughed from started their own businesses and asked me to join.

    • My boyfriend and I moved out of our apartment on the outskirts of the city and I moved back to the suburbs for a bit.

  • September

    • For Labor Day weekend, a friend and I went to a KOA campsite in the White Mountains. By now it was starting to get a bit chilly at nights, but it was still rather nice weather for the weekend.

    • I fitted a sink pan in the kitchenette that I started creating for my van. Why is this of any significance? Because it took me waaaay too long to decide on a sink so when it became a reality, phewwww.

    • I did a sunrise hike with two friends at Mount Willard in the White Mountains. We drove up the night before and got there around 11:30pm, slept in the car, and then woke up around 3:30 am and left at 4:00am. The mountain was a quick hike and we were up by 5:00am, well before the sunrise began.

    • I went out to the Berkshire’s with a friend, to see our friend who had gone to summer camp with us so many years ago. It was a fun day trip and it was great to catch up after over 5 years of not seeing each other!

  • October

    • My friend and I went up to Dixville Notch in New Hampshire to do the quick hike called Table Rock Trail. It leads to a rock outcrop that has a stunning view. It was a loooong drive, but it was prime time for leaf peeping!

    • There was a quick but powerful windstorm that took down a ton of trees in my area. A massive tree fell down in my mom’s driveway and it was literally inches from hitting the house. I mean, some branches at the very top did, but no super heavy parts that could have crushed it. Super thankful all was fine!

    • I got an orchid praying mantis. Oh yeah- the egg I tried to hatch didn’t hatch. Well, it hatched three bugs, but it was supposed to hatch 50-200. In hindsight, I’m glad I don’t have 200 praying mantises hopping around the backyard.

    • I voted! Early, by mail.

  • November

    • Stared at my phone constantly after the election, refreshing the electoral college map.

  • December

    • Wowwww. What a year. Smell ya the f*ck later 2020!

    • O and I started this blog lol. Subscribe!

    • Work was suuuuper busy. I worked from 9am-3:30 am one day…and night. Then the next day I was back at work for 7:30am until 9:00pm. I usually have normal working hours, but the holiday orders did us in!

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