Luxury Handbags

Ah yes, luxury handbags. Are they worth it? Some say no- but I say yes. Deffffinitely yes. There is something so satisfying about carrying around a really nice bag. The hardware, the soft leather, the attention to detail. These pieces can be true works of art and many times they can become the statement piece of your outfit. I don’t care if a bag is “in season” or not, so I’m not worried about paying a high price for something that will be old news in just a few months. In fact I don’t care about that for any item- I don’t need to be wearing the newest thing!

Bottega Venata, Padded Cassette Bag, $2,800

When I first saw this bag I thought it was hideous, but after staring at it for some time and seeing it styled- I NEED IT. I am now in love with this puffy, pillowy purse. I love a good neutral colored bag but this bag would be so fun to have in one of the colors. Also- can we appreciate how amazing it looks being carried by men?

Chloe is one of my favorite handbag brands. Here are some of their pieces I love-

  1. Small Faye Shoulder Bag, $1,508
  2. Aby Chain Shoulder Bag $1,866 (sale)
  3. Tess Shoulder Bag, $1,821
  4. Small Faye Shoulder Bag, $1,390
  5. Small Tess Shoulder Bag, $1,858
  6. Mini Tess Crossbody Pouch, $434 (sale)
  7. Medium Aby Tote Bag, $1,141

Celine Medium Classic Bag in Calfskin, $3,950

If I had money to burn on a plain Jane bag- this bag would be it. I’m not adding more photos with this because this is all you need to see. Let me tell you- it looks good hanging off of your shoulder. It looks good cradled against your side. It ages like fine wine and I need it, and you need it.

Prada, Cahier Large Leather Bag, $3,350

This Cahier bag is larger than normal. You want this larger Cahier, trust me. I have the normal-sized Cahier with the celestial design and honestly it’s nice to look at but you really can’t carry much in it- or I just have too much sh*t to bring around with me, haha. But it is a beautiful bag and they have some other expired versions, like the one with the lion-doorknocker thing on it, and the laser cut Cahier. Both absolutely stunning.

So- now that you’ve got some luxury bag ideas in your head, let me give you the rundown on mine and if I think they were worth it or not.

Prada Cahier | The retail price for the Celestial Prada Cahier was $1,990 (the velvet version went for $2,090). Quite the purchase, and I mused over it for a long time until I finally caved. Was it worth it? Yes and no. The bar detached on one side so I had to take it into the store to get fixed, and for a bag that costs thaaaaat much, it shouldn’t fall apart?!! It is also pretty small, you could fit your phone and a small square wallet or a card case, and a singular key (no room for a keychain with other stuff on it). But, this thing just looks so cool and I was in this big moon and stars phase when it came out, haha.

Gucci Disco Bag | Everyone and their mother has this bag. I got it when it was $900 and it since has gone up to $1,200… crazy. Was it worth it? This bag is great because it fits more than you think it will and goes with literally every outfit, but I would not buy it at its current price. Even at the price I bought it at it seems like a bit much, but you are buying it for the brand name I suppose… Anyways, it holds so much stuff (within reason). My Olympus E-M-10 OM-D camera with a fixed 45mm lens fits into it with my cell phone and keys (I have a chonky key ring setup). So it holds a solid amount of items but it’s not visually big and clunky at all. I’ve used it the most out of my luxury handbags so I will have to say it is worth it!

Chloe Faye Backpack | The Faye collection from Chloe is still going strong- minus the backpack. This now discontinued backpack can only be purchased used, but don’t let that deter you from getting one. I have the small size and it retailed for $1,965.62, but I got 10% off (woot woot) so my total payment was $1,769.06. Is it worth it? The price is a bit steep for this bag, I think my sale price would have been a better starting point. I have been seeing new Chloe bags discounted though lately, although they will be a season behind (but who cares, not me). I don’t use it a ton as I’m afraid of scratching the leather and ruining the suede… silly I know, a bag is supposed to get used. Anyways, it is a backpack and sometimes you just don’t want to carry a purse around. And for that, I say its worth it.

3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Mini Shoulder Bag Black Multi | I found this bag on for around 55% off….WHAAAAT AAAA DEALLL!!! The starting retail price is $750 and then tax bumps it up about another $50. I purchased it for $377.99 and then tax brought it up to $359.11. Was it worth it? UH, yeah. Because what a f*ckin steal. I am a bit sketched of getting the white leather dirty but the color-blocking of camel, white, black (on the outside sides and entire interior) combined with the gold hardware just look so fire. I can easily fit my phone, wallet, and keyring in it, with room to spare.

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