Let’s Talk Linen: Part 1

Why will this be in parts, you may ask? Well, I looooove linen. Love love love it. So, I am going to be rounding up my favorite linen pieces as I see them. It might be winter in New England (aka not linen weather), but that won’t stop me, and shouldn’t stop you either, from stocking up on cute linen pieces for warmer days ahead!

Charlie Holiday, Boheme Dress, $156

Peasant style tops and dresses were very in last summer, and I don’t see that trend going away in the new year. This plain black dress by Charlie Holiday screams picnic in the English countryside or in Central Park (two very different places, I know). They’ve also got it in a sage green color.

Charlie Holiday, Lily Pant, $117

These cropped linen pants are perfect for a slightly breezy summer day. The sage green will go perfect with any neutral top or even with a brightened neutral, say a bright burnt orange. French tuck a sweater into the high waist, or maybe opt for a crop top. On the feet, I see them paired with brown leather sandals or plain white sneakers.

Dissh, June Black Linen Tie Back Crop Top, $80

You know how there are some things you just need? This top is one of them. I don’t even really need to say anything about it to convince you, I mean just look at it! It also comes in white and cream.

Dissh, Adeline Black Linen Wide Leg Pant, $99

These are the power pants that complete the look with the Dissh June top, so you might as well get them too, right? When you’re not pairing them with the June top, they’ll go great with pretty much anything.

Sir the Label, Alena Maxi Dress, $350

Ok- I understand linen can be pricey but is this dress really worth $350? I don’t really think so, but I also reaaaalllly want it, so I’d probably pay that. Sigh. Anyways, look at this dress. I want to wear this walking along the beach on a warm summer night in Cinque Terre.

Runaway Scout, Harper Dress, $70

As I’m adding this dress to this list, it is currently sold out. You know why it is sold out? Because it looks almost identical to the $350 Sir the Label dress I was just swooning over. The crossed back on the Sir dress makes my knees weak, but I’ll take the Runaway Scout version any day if it means I’m saving $280. This dress is also offered in beige, tan, and white.

Runaway Scout, Flores Shorts, $51

If you’ve never worn linen shorts, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out. Super comfy, super lightweight, they look cute… I have a pair (different from these) that I practically live in during the summer. What else do I need to convince you to get a pair?

SaikoEcoStore, Black Linen Crop Top Square Neck, $100

I loooove this style of top. Like exactly this style. The thick straps, cropped length, made of linen. Yeah, it’s perfect. I bet you haven’t bought much clothing on Etsy before, but take a look around! Especially for linen items 🙂

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