Online Shopping Hacks: How to Save Money

If you’re anything like me, online shopping is the next best thing since sliced bread. Open the browser, go to the website, scroll, click, click, and click. There- your’e done. Skip a crowded mall parking lot, checkout lines, and do it all from the comfort of your own home? I’m in.

There are a few things that I prefer with online shopping than going into a store, such as the more expansive range of products, but the creme de la creme is this: more ways to save money. Rakuten and Honey are two of the best ways to save money while online shopping.

Rakuten | This is my first and most favorite way to save money while online shopping. Say it with me: Cash. Back. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten happens to be Japan’s largest e-commerce site, and with good reason. Download the Rakuten extension onto your internet browser and start saving with literally zero effort involved. When you visit a website, the little Rakuten icon will indicate if there is a cash back option. Rakuten hosts a wiiiiiiiide variety of brands, including many of your favorites. Cash back percentages tend to range from 1-% to 15%, and popular brands like Adidas can even reach that 15% mark. To get started, create an account, attach your PayPal account (so you can get that monnnayyyy), and start shopping! Over the course of 3 years (starting in 2017), I’ve gotten $210.92 cash back from using Rakuten. Sure, thats not a huge amount of money, but that is still good money saved! Plus, if your credit card does cash back, you could be doubling the cash back possibilities!

Honey | Another browser extension, Honey is here to save the day by finding you those much needed coupon codes. As you’re online shopping, Honey will automatically be scanning to find you any coupon codes so you can get the deal. It will also track individual items to find you the best deal on different online stores. Why pay full price when you don’t have to?!

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